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On July 14, 2016, The White Rose Foundation participated as an Exhibitor in the “Women Powering Change 2016” Conference sponsored by The Women’s Foundation of Colorado. This annual Conference is a celebration highlighting and connecting Colorado women creating change locally and globally.


The Board of Directors of The White Rose Foundation, Incorporated, approved the request of the Denver (CO) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated for the Foundation to serve as the fiscal agent/sponsor for the fundraising efforts for the 2017 Western Area Conference held in Denver, CO.  This event hosted over 1000 members of The Links, Incorporated. Dedicated to our mission of service and leadership, the individuals in attendance at this Conference were corporate and civic leaders; lawmakers and members of the judiciary; medical and healthcare providers; role models, mentors, activists and volunteers who have worked tirelessly at the forefront of providing positive transformations in communities of color.

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